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Coronavirus and in-home hairstyling

The war against the coronavirus may not be over but it has given rise to success for those with creative minds. Many businesses were forced to pivot during these times in order to create a safer experience paving the way for opportunity in niche products and services. Mobile hairstyling is one of the ways that hairstylists have used this pivot wisely. Mobile hair salon services have expanded as a result of many hairstylists' creative thinking on how to earn a profit while protecting the safety of their customers.

In-home hairstyling is a fantastic way for us to serve our customers. It's the similar to the way customers enter a salon for hairstyling, hair coloring, and other services only in the comfort of their own home or dare I say it office now home office. As a hairstylist in based New York City, we provide mobile hair salon services in the comfort of one's own home all over the tri state are including Westchester, the Hamptons, New Jersy, Connecticut, Long Island and more. This pivot has empowered both stylists and those wanting their hair maintained in these confusing times. We understand that many of us desire to look beautiful, even if the coronavirus is still present.

Allow me to highlight some of the main advantages of in-home hairstyling.

First, it’s for your safety. Staying at home in the interest of protecting yourself and your family members is the top priority. Patronizing mobile salon service providers can give you beauty services with convenience and less to worry about. A mobile hairdresser or hairstylist will come to your house instead. This eliminates the need for you to go outside, hence lowering your risk of infection.

Second, as mobile hairstylists, we know how critical it is to avoid many people around us. With the current state of the healthcare system, the traditional hair salon is one form of disease transmission that you may want to avoid. Booking a mobile salon service will ensure that you will only engage with one professional, or two if necessary. Using a mobile hairdresser, stylist, colorist, or have a treatment can be a safer and wiser alternative.

Furthermore, one of the most helpful aspects of using a mobile salon, you can schedule the hair care service whenever you want making it more convenient. Mobile hair professionals will continue to care about your hair needs. Whether you have a special occasion or a simply want to feel good during these times with a lowered risk of coming into contact with covid. LORETTA WOLLNER HAIR will always give you an exceptional experience with a celebrity look and vibe.

Finally, treating yourself to a mobile salon is an act of self-love. You give yourself a worthwhile experience and some care. After all the busy days in the City of New York, you deserve to pamper yourself; this is self-love.

Final Say

Mobile Salon Services are an essential for every home. It proves that a mobile salon may assist you. Getting your hair done in a safe, comfortable, and timely manner is an investment. As well as to safeguard you from the global pandemic, Coronavirus. Thus, a mobile salon saves you a significant amount of time, effort, and money. Mobile Salon is here to stay, and it will stay for a long time because of its crucial benefits to its clients.

Is it exciting to make a reservation with us? Get your hairstyle touched up by the famous and best celebrity hairstylist, LORETTA WOLLNER HAIR. Continue to follow us on Instagram for more exciting and celebrity hairstyling looks.

Loretta Wollner Giving an in-home hair cut during the coronavirus pandemic
Loretta Wollner Giving a Hair Cut

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