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Discover Brooklyn’s Best Hair Colorist

Discover Brooklyn’s Finest Hair Color Mastery at Loretta Wollner Hair

Step into the world of vibrant colors and flawless hair with Loretta Wollner Hair, Brooklyn’s leading mobile salon service. Specializing in delivering top-tier hair color transformations right to your doorstep, we’re renowned for our ability to craft the perfect shade that reflects your individuality and style.

Brooklyn’s Color Palette, Brought to YouWhether you’re looking for sun-kissed balayage, bold highlights, or a complete color overhaul, our expert stylists are equipped with the latest techniques and high-quality products to ensure your hair is the talk of the town. Serving the heart of NYC, Long Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, and beyond, we bring the essence of Brooklyn’s vibrant hair color scene directly to you.

A Personalized Color Journey Guided by Loretta Wollner’s extensive experience in the celebrity hair styling arena, our team is dedicated to providing a personalized consultation to achieve your dream color. We understand the nuances of different hair types and work meticulously to deliver results that not only look stunning but also maintain the health and integrity of your hair.

Our Signature Hair Color Services Include:

  • Custom Color Consultation: Starting at $200

  • Full Color Application: Starting at $250

  • Balayage & Highlights: Starting at $300

  • Color Correction: Starting at $350

Embrace the luxury of having Brooklyn’s best hair color services come to you. With Loretta Wollner Hair, your color transformation is just an appointment away. Experience the convenience, quality, and personalized care that sets us apart. Book now and let your hair be your boldest statement.

This rewrite emphasizes the quality and exclusivity of the hair color services offered, while also maintaining the luxurious and convenient aspect of the mobile salon. If you need further customization or additional content, feel free to let me know!

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